Jin Ji Bao Xi

With features and bonus rounds galore, the Jin Ji Bao Xi slot provides an electrifying experience from start to finish. 

    About the Jin Ji Bao Xi Slot Game

    There is a total of 243 paylines available in this game.

    Scatter Symbols

    Bonus symbols only appear during the regular game.

    Green Coin symbols and +1 Spin symbols only appear in the Top Up feature, outlined below.

    Wild Symbol

    Apart from the Bonus symbol, the Wild symbol can replace all other symbols to form winning combinations.

    The Wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 during the regular game.

    The Yellow Coin symbol is also Wild, and it will only appear during the Free Games and Top Up features.

    Fu Value

    Bonus symbols receive a random Fu Value in the regular game.

    The Fu Value is a cash value and it is multiplied by wager amount per spin.

    All visible Bonus symbols display the same Fu Value.

    The number of Gold symbols played determines the eligibility of the Fu Value.

    Golden Chance Feature

    Should a Wild symbol appear on the third reel in the regular game, all visible high-value symbols have the chance of turning gold.

    Whenever a symbol turns gold, all payline wins on that spin are doubled.

    Jin Ji Bao Xi Feature

    When a Wild symbol lands on the reels, coins are added to the pot on-screen.

    The pot lid may close randomly at any point, and if this happens, it will initiate the Jin Ji Bao Xi feature.

    At the start of the feature, you'll have to choose from the 12 coins on display to reveal a symbol.

    Each symbol corresponds to a certain jackpot.

    Find three matching symbols to win that symbol's jackpot - doing so will end the feature.

    Feature Selection Round

    The Feature Selection Round begins when you land between six and 14 Bonus symbols on the reels.

    You can choose from six available features.

    The first five features are free game variations, and the sixth option is the Top Up feature.

    The number of Gold symbols in use on the spin triggering the round determines the free game options.

    The Fu Bonus in this round is calculated by evaluating all Bonus symbols on the reels during the regular game, and it is kept for the feature you choose.

    Free Games Bonus

    Win eight free games by choosing a free games option or landing 15 Bonus symbols in the regular game.

    When the bonus starts, you'll have to choose an option.

    Each option adds a number of Gold symbols to the reels

    The Shou Bonus Meter on-screen displays the Fu Bonus value you unlock, and you'll receive this value once the free games end.

    Whenever a Yellow Coin symbol lands on the reels, the Fu Bonus value from the triggering round gets added to the Shou Bonus Meter.

    You'll win an extra three free games if at least three Yellow Coin symbols land throughout the free games.

    The Free Games Bonus will use the same wager amount and number of Gold symbols as the spin that activates it.

    Top Up Feature

    When this feature starts, all triggering Bonus symbols lock into place on the reels.

    Yellow Coin symbols and Green Coin symbols also lock into place whenever they appear.

    If a Green Coin lands, it awards a value equal to the sum of all visible Bonus symbols, Yellow Coin symbols, and Green Coin symbols.

    If several Green Coin symbols land at the same time, they pay out individually.

    If a Green Coin symbol lands at the same time as a Yellow Coin symbol, the Yellow Coin symbol will be the first to pay out.

    When it appears, a +1 Spin symbol awards one extra spin; this symbol only appears for 12 spins.

    The Top Up feature concludes either when you run out of spins or win the Fortune Grand Jackpot.

    Please bear in mind that you can only win the Top Up Bonus prize during this feature.

    Fortune Grand Jackpot

    Win the Fortune Grand Jackpot by collecting 15 Bonus symbols, Yellow Coin symbols, or Green Coin symbols.

    You may also win the jackpot by collecting 15 Bonus symbols in the regular game, or finding three matching symbols in the Jin Ji Bao Xi feature.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 95.65%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take $100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out $95.65 of wins.