Pile 'em Up

Watch your stack grow as you play Pile 'em Up, which comes with a dizzying number of bonus features.

    About the Pile 'em Up Slot Game

    Bet sizes in this game range from 20c to $15.

    There are up to 20 paylines available.

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols can show up during both the regular game and in the Free Spins bonus rounds.

    When they appear, they can replace other symbols to help create a win.

    Wild symbols will not replace Free Spins, Bonus, or 1UP symbols.

    They may pay out on their own if they appear in a payline combination.

    Coin Booster Feature

    Land a Collect symbol on reel 5 and you'll unlock the Coin Booster feature.

    The Coin Booster's multiplier then gets applied to all Coin symbols currently present on the reels.

    This multiplier starts at 1x, and it will increase by one with each 1UP symbol that you land, capping at 10x.

    The multiplier's value resets each time you use it.

    If you land a Magnet Collect symbol, all Coin symbols currently on the reels get added together and the multiplier gets added to the total.

    The multiplier's value is stored for each wager you place.

    Flower Free Spins Bonus

    Land three Free Spins symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 to unlock the Flower Free Spins Bonus.

    You'll receive nine free spins when this bonus starts.

    If you land two more Free Spins symbols during the bonus round, you'll receive an extra three free spins.

    Three Free Spins symbols landing on the reels during the bonus will reward you with another nine free spins.

    The value of the Coin Booster's multiplier will be the same as that in the regular game.

    Any Coin symbols you land during a Free Spins round are added to the counter.

    The Coin Re-spin feature will begin once the Free Spins Bonus ends.

    Coin Re-spin Feature

    Win a prize by landing a Magnet Collect symbol reel 5 during a Coin Re-spin.

    The prize is calculated by multiplying the total value in the Coin Re-spin Counter by the Coin Booster multiplier.

    The Heart Bonus is not available while this feature is active.

    Purple Heart Bonus

    When Purple Heart Bonus symbols land, they'll be sticky.

    If you land at least one symbol, you'll unlock the Heart Bonus and receive three bonus spins once it starts.

    The number of bonus spins resets to three whenever you land a Coin symbol or 1UP symbol during the bonus.

    Coin symbols stick to the reels when they land.

    You receive a prize when you fill each reel's position with a Coin symbol.

    The prize is worth 50x your wager per Coin multiplier by the Coin Booster's multiplier.

    The starting value of this multiplier is carried over from the regular game.

    The Purple Heart Bonus ends once you either run out of bonus spins or fill all positions on the reels.

    The Free Spins Bonus will not be available during this round.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.22%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take $100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out $96.22.